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Meet Kacy


Why I’m right for Anoka- Hennepin Schools.

Born and raised. I attended Anoka-Hennepin Schools from Kindergarten through 12th grade. My husband did too, and now we’re raising our family here and our children attend the same schools we went to. I’ve watched the district evolve over decades and I’m deeply invested in what happens next.

Ethical and action-oriented. I’m an auditor and risk manager who is used to crossing every “t” and dotting every “i” to make sure that when I promise something, it actually works – and it’s completely transparent.

Committed to elevating voices. I’m running because I believe that every voice matters, including those who have been historically marginalized. I care about parent priorities, teacher needs and student success metrics; and finding a way to elevate all three areas means a stronger district for everyone.

Experienced and ready. I’ve served on the parent teacher board of my child’s school for five years and I’ve developed a reputation for listening and learning, ensuring that any action taken represents the voices of the people who will be impacted.

A trusted partner. I’ve built relationships with teachers, administrators, staff and families, and I’ve earned their trust because I’m open, compassionate and hard-working.

Financial Responsibility. With my business leadership experience, I am positioned to provide management and financial discipline to ensure a return on our investment in education. It is important we have stable funding for the district and are responsible with taxpayer money.

This is home.

Growing up, my family believed in the power of learning and the community of local public schools. My relationship with Anoka-Hennepin schools started on my first day of Kindergarten in Ms. Bahr’s class at Oxbow Creek Elementary. I still remember the piano in her room and how much I loved being at school.

I went on to attend Fred Moore Middle School (now Anoka Middle School for the Arts) and Champlin Park High School. I thrived on access to sports, extracurricular activities like the school newspaper, music and DECA. Anoka-Hennepin prepared me for my future; attending the University of St. Thomas and working in the financial services industry.

My husband grew up in this district too, and it’s where he fueled his passion for STEM with the advanced technology in the computer labs and science classrooms.

Here’s why I’m invested in Anoka-Hennepin Schools.

My husband and I are raising our own family in the Anoka-Hennepin school district, and we’re committed to not only giving back but making it even better – for our children, for every student and family who will come after them, and for the teachers who have committed their time and energy to this district.

Our youngest child attends Champlin-Brooklyn Park Academy (CBPA) Elementary and our oldest will start Jackson Middle School in the fall. My kids have used services across the education spectrum, from Title 1 reading help to talent and development instruction. Our kids participate in a variety of activities, including basketball, softball, theater and swimming. I enjoy coaching their Champlin-Dayton Athletic Associate (CDAA) teams and watching them practice. 


Seeing them walk the same hallways both my husband and I did when we attended school is nostalgic, but more than that it’s motivating because it reminds me that what happens here has to evolve and progress. It can’t rely on outdated perspectives or resources.


This district has given me so many opportunities, and I am always looking for ways to give back by volunteering in the classroom, facilitating Art Adventure and serving on the CBPA Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) board for the past five years.

My professional career and volunteer service have set the groundwork for me to serve on the School Board. As an auditor and risk manager, I deeply understand the importance of curiosity and the value of using all available information to research a problem. I’ve honed strong leadership skills and gained experience in making tough decisions, while leading teams and projects to success. I am a life-long learner and am committed to understanding family priorities, teacher needs and student success metrics for our district.


When I'm not working, you can find me spending time with my kids at their activities; boating on the Mississippi River; or spending time alone in the garden, reading or crocheting (depending on the season). 

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