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Every Student. Every Family. Every Teacher.
Let's give them what they need to succeed.



Our schools need to do more than impart knowledge. They need to facilitate the whole-person growth of tomorrow’s leaders. I am running for the Anoka-Hennepin School Board because I want to serve all students, their families and teachers; making sure they have what they need to succeed.

  • Lower student-to-staff ratios and expanded curricular choices for high-school students. 

  • A culture of listening and learning; especially ensuring that a variety of perspectives (including those who have been traditionally marginalized) are given a chance to speak – and are really heard.

  • Open communication, with authentic transparency and information sharing.

  • Expanded access to early childhood education options in the district.

Community Input

I’m a leader, but I’m even more of a listener. I value input from the community and I view the school board role as an opportunity to bring everyone’s voices to the table.


During my time on the CBPA PTO, I've spent a lot of time listening to teachers, support staff, and administrators, as well as families in the school community.  I've learned that the process and decisions being made by the district aren't always obvious, or easy to understand.


I’m committed to serving as a trusted partner who listens to the community and can distill complex topics in order to bring community voices to district administration and legislators. I’m also committed to bringing information from administration and legislators back into the community, sharing it with teachers and families so they can stay informed.


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